My Year in Review


You might be scratchin’ your heads right now thinking, “wait, isn’t it July…not January?”  Well, you’d be right, but stick with me & you’ll see 🙂

Most bloggers like to review their previous year in a single post in January.  When January was here I was full of reflection, so much so that I just couldn’t bring myself to rush this year in review post.  As I thought and prayed through my past year I felt like I just wasn’t through with it yet.

So, I made the only decision that made sense to me: I decided to be different.  I decided to push my year in review to my natural new year: my birth month.  Every year, in June & July, things change for me & for my business.  It only makes sense to review my year then.  Who needs convention, right? 🙂

We’ve had quite a year since last July… so instead of 1 post to review my whole year, there will be 4.  I will be dividing my year into 3 posts, each containing 4 months.  Then the last post will be an ever so sweet treasure: the inaugural “Matt” post. The biggest change happening around here this year is that you will be hearing a lot more from my lovely husband, the other half of Kelly C. Photography.  GET EXCITED! I’ll be posting all through the month of July, starting this week, so keep an eye out.

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