Well Hello There…Lindsay

Meet Lindsay.

DSC_0368 copy

DSC_0263 copy

Three things you might not know about Lindsay (in her own words):

1. I have [physically] been through a basketball hoop.

2. I can detect the taste of artificial sweetener in most anything I consume, because I really do not like the taste/after taste.

3. I usually prefer to use plastic children’s plates over big ceramic plates.

DSC_0153 copy

There are many reasons why I love this gal, but I won’t go into all of them. 🙂

I got to know Lindsay over the past year during her internship at my church, SHCC. She is uber creative & also shares an interest in photography. She studied graphic arts in college & has done some very cool work. It seems we were destined to be friends. I am grateful for our friendship & the fact that she is constantly encouraging me in my creative endeavors & is always a willing model.

DSC_0241 copy

A huge part of what inspires me about Lindsay is how much FUN she is. Man, hanging out with her is a blast! Its been so great to get to know her this past year. I cherish my friendship with her & value her creativity. I also appreciate that  she is able to understand all the things I miss about Maryland, & the very different culture in which I grew up because her hometown is not too too far from my own. Let’s just be honest, Texas and Maryland can be very different worlds at times, & it’s nice to have a friend who understands that.

DSC_0483 copy DSC_0404 copy

I’m in the planning stages for a few creative projects & I am excited to hopefully collaborate with her. She has such a great eye for style & color & sees the world in such an interesting way. I’m so glad to know this wonderfully creative lady.

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