Well Hello There…Sterling & Lindsey

Meet Sterling & Lindsey.

They are getting married in the spring.Get ready to hear a little about this wonderful couple!


I am very excited to feature them as a part of the “Well Hello There…” Project. I asked them to each give me three interesting facts about the other person, & they got creative (which I love)!

Here’s what Lindsey had to say about Sterling:

“So here we go. Instead of just giving you any three things about him, I figured I’d give you three things the two of us have in common and three of the reasons I know God designed us for each other.

1. We fit perfectly. Our bodies are the absolute perfect ratio to each other for us to hug, snuggle, walk and do everything in alignment. It’s just one of those things that made me realize I was meant for him.
2. We both like little spoons and forks. If we didn’t have to accommodate for entertaining and feeding other people in our soon to be humble abode, we might just buy all kid sized utensils. Aladdin themed if I had my choice.
3. He completes me. He’s a talker and I’m a listener. I’m always freezing and his body radiates heat. I’m a fish and he’s a camel. He’s silly and I’m… normal. In every way his personality compliments mine.”
So good right?!
Here’s what Sterling had to say about Lindsey:
“1. Her love language is “Quality Time.”
Nothing means more to her than when I turn off all distractions and turn my entire attention towards her. Whether it means I just sit there and listen to her tell me about her day or simply maintain eye contact with her, she knows that I love her when I show her that she is most important to me.
2. She appreciates me.
She doesn’t let any of my efforts to love her go unnoticed. Even if she misses it the first time, she alwayscomes back and shows her appreciation. Even when she’s frustrated with me… which I’m very grateful for.3. She’s the greatest teammate in the world.
She never lets me down (well, 99.9% of the time) and never leaves me hangin’. She alwayshas my back in tough situations. She hates being late and even hates it when I’m late, so I never have to worry about her punctuality. She backs me up if someone is bringing me down. She even makes the tough move of letting me know when I’ve wronged someone, and when I need to go back and make it right.  She’s my soul mate.”

I mean W-O-W!
I have to say that their answers kind of take the cake for “interesting facts,” & I love getting to hear them talk about each other.
These two inspire me in a lot of ways. First, they are both creative people. Sterling plays many instruments & is very talented on all of them. I love music. It speaks to me deeply & inspires me, but sadly I play no instruments, at least not well. So, when I meet someone who is creative musically & just has a knack for picking up instruments, I am amazed. Now Lindsey, this girl is CRE-A-TIVE! I mean, if you’ve ever even been in her bathroom at her house, you’d know this. She has a beautiful collage painting hung in there. Also she has an eye for color, even her outfits & style are creative. She is also musical, though she might not want you to know it. She is talented & has a beautiful voice. I recently got to see some photos she took for the CRAVE event See You At The Cross, & let me tell you they were fabulous. Even the facts she gave me speak to her creativity. All I asked for were three little known or interesting facts about Sterling & she approached that from an angle that I would never have thought of, & it’s great!
While I love their creative natures, the main thing about them that inspires & challenges me has to be their faith. Over the last year or so, I’ve had the chance to know them more while co-leading a Bible study with them. Every week I get to hear a little bit about what GOD has taught them, or brought them through, or show them. And man, do they love & trust GOD. They approach life in away that shows their faith & trust in GOD, & that is something that I am daily challenged with. It has been great to get to know them individually & now as a couple. They are funny, sweet, sassy people who have no problem keeping it real. They are honest about themselves & about each other & are unashamed of their love for GOD & for each other. Its so rare to find a couple like that. I am SO glad they are getting married & I know that GOD has a lot in store for them. I cannot wait to see where GOD takes them & how he uses them. I am thankful that I know them & can call them my friends.

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