Well Hello There…Vintage Heart Coffee

Meet Vintage Heart Coffee.

This “Well Hello There…” post will be a little different then the others, mainly because its not about a person but a place. A WONDERFUL place. Maybe even my new favorite place. Only time will tell. Sit tight because this is one’s a little bit longer – I couldn’t choose just a few photos. 🙂

I’m including Vintage Heart Coffee in the Well Hello There… Project for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it is such an inspiring space. I love the color choices & the attention to detail in the decor. It captures my heart & makes me dream of having a home that looks half as good. I could create an entire pin board of all the wonderful details I love at vintage heart. The warmness of the wood & how the tones tie into that of the tile on the floor. The balance of that warmth with my favorite color, grey. The small pops of color brought in by art work. Impeccable.

It’s not much of a secret that I love coffee. I should change that, I don’t love all coffee, I love good coffee. Being married to Matt has made me even more of a coffee snob then I was before. Something I love almost as much as good coffee is local businesses. It’s on my top 5 list for why I love Austin so much. It’s something that has made the move to Austin a lot easier for me. I feel like I could live in Austin 100 years & still never have been to all the cool local businesses.

Vintage heart brings those two things together in a wonderful way. Which brings me to the second reason: They are local & they are GOOD at what they do (which happens to be coffee, a major plus). This is something that challenges & inspires me in a huge way. Something few know about me is that one of my greatest desires in life is to do one or two things, & do them well. I have ADHD & so I can be all over the place. A conversation with me does not flow like the branches of a tree; rather, it moves like swinging on a vine through a forest. Focusing in, & dedicating myself & my attention to one thing is hard, but when I come across places like vintage heart, I can’t help but fall in love & feel inspired.

Thirdly, the people who work there are SUPER nice. Every time I go I feel so welcomed. I feel like they care about their customers & their business & it makes me want to stay awhile, & then come back, & then tell everyone I know (hence they are on my blog).

Feel free to check out their website, twitter & facebook.

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