Well Hello There…A Project

I’ve been busy working on a wonderful little project this past summer. It is something that is close to my heart, & that I am bursting at the seams to reveal.

The idea for this project started way back in the winter, the very first time I hung out with my wonderful friend Vanessa Kay. On that fateful day, we spent the entirety of a Saturday together exploring some super cool places in Austin, laughing a lot, & talking about life. We went into Book People downtown & chanced upon something so spectacular & awe-inspiring… A talking mustache.


This mustache said something very profound. It said in a deep & masculine voice,

“Well Helllooo There…”

We just needed to have one (I mean who doesn’t?); but, it was a bit overpriced.  So instead we bought a pack of plain, non-talking rubber mustaches. We spent the rest of the afternoon holding them up & saying,

“Well Hello There…”

This moment may seem silly (& let’s be real – it kind of is).  But it was the first time I felt I found a friend that I could act 100% myself around since moving to Austin (ya know, besides my wonderfully caring & understanding husband).  It was also a moment that has led to so many more friendships; all of them meaning so much to me.  So the idea was sparked, & the concept for the project grew alongside my desire to have a deeper understanding of the people in my life, & how they inspire me.

Each week there will be one post about a person or couple that inspires me. They will tell you three little-known & interesting facts about themselves.  I will tell you why they inspire me.

Get excited because the first post will be up this week!

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