Rolling in Thyme and Dough

Rolling in Thyme and dough is a wonderful restaurant/garden center in Dripping Springs. Its super close to Matt’s parent’s house and whenever we get the chance we try to go out there. Let me tell you why…

Firstly, I L-O-V-E their food. Oh I could talk about their food all day, its a simple menu, full of DELICIOUS things. I now have a favorite, the Turkey in Thyme Sandwich. It has sliced turkey with lettuce, pesto, tomatoes and provolone. I usually get it grilled on Focaccia bread, its soo tasty. They also have desserts that are to die for. Their pie reminds me of home, of the old diner in my hometown that my family has always gone to. I have been missing Maryland and my family & friends a lot lately, so this small reminder of home is so comforting to me.

Secondly I like how beautiful it is. The old house, the slightly wild feel of the garden, the quirkiness, its all so wonderful. Its like a little retreat from the city, from the busyness of life. Its a chance for a quiet, slow afternoon. A chance for a retreat.

If you live in the Austin area, you should make the trek out to Thyme and Dough, its a little far but its more than worth it.

Check out their Facebook page or website for info about their menu and hours.

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