Hello world!

Welcome to Kelly C. Photography!

It wasn’t too long ago that there were some changes over at Obscure Details Art. I said goodbye to blogspot and said hello to wordpress. The Obscure Details brand got a bit of a facelift. And it was great! It worked, it fit but I knew that some bigger changes and some re-working were going to be needed in the future. As  my business grows and changes, my brand needs to as well. So, once again Its time for a change.

This is my new website, but its a lot more than that. I have been diligently working on this for months and its finally time to launch! There are a lot of great new features that I’m excited for you to try out.

This space funcitons as my website where you can look at my portfolio, find out about my pricing, contact me, and where my clients can look at private online galleries of their images. But its also my blog where you’ll be able to see all my recent work. Its pretty exciting.


I’ll be posting a few recent photo sessions as well as some cool and fun giveaways for the launch this week so check back every day this week!

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